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 Tips for keeping your vacuum in peak operating performance.

1) Bag units- Keep the bag changed often. Cleaning fine material such as plaster dust can reduce air flow. Stay away from using powdered carpet freshener, instead use tablet or large particle products.

2) Bagless units- Bagless will require more maintenance. Keep track of fill lines printed on the container and keep levels below that line. Empty often! Filters will require constant cleaning some of which will be washable. Washable filters need to be thouroughly dry before using. Some units will require the replacement of filters with some in as little as 6 months. Check for each individual manufacturers recomendations.

3) Brush roll- The revolving brushes will require periodic cleaning. Keeping hair, thread, strings off the brush will improve belt life and cleaning ability. Most brushes are made of nylon for longer life, instead of wearing short they just get softer with age. Softened bristles will not clean as aggressively and can make units harder to push. Brush wear is gradual and can often go unnoticed.

4) Belts- Belts of friction drive(stretch) types will require changing on occasion. Belts of this type will stretch with age and heat and can require changing in as little as 6 months. V shape belts do not stretch but will wear narrow with age. Gear type belts will get rounded teeth that can cause skipping. If your brush does not turn check first for reset buttons or brush stop switches.

























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